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Yossi Cohen Visits European Campaigns
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Former Mossad Director Gives Keynote Address in Geneva, Brussels, Monaco, Berlin and Frankfurt

Keren Hayesod’s European campaigns had the honour of hosting Yossi Cohen, the former Director of the Mossad.
Last month, Cohen was the guest of honour at events in Geneva, Brussels, Monaco, Berlin and Frankfurt.

The previous director of Israel’s national intelligence agency gave keynote addresses on his unique professional journey. He spoke about his early days in the agency, becoming the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor and eventually being appointed to the top position in the Mossad.

The Israel Security Prize recipient also impressed Keren Hayesod supporters with his personal connection with the national institute, its global family and its focus on the people of Israel.

The events served as an opportunity for attendees to donate to Keren Hayesod and ensure funds for critical national projects supported by the organization.