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Helping to Save and Protect Ukrainian Jews

Since Russia’s wide-ranging attack on Ukraine, which started on February 24, 2022, Keren Hayesod and our strategic partner, The Jewish Agency for Israel, have been working around the clock to provide critical assistance during this humanitarian crisis.

Each day, the needs increase and change as the situation continues to unfold and thousands more are forced to flee Ukraine in seek of safety. They are leaving behind everything, walking many miles in harsh conditions to find food and shelter.

Keren Hayesod will continue to work together with the Jewish Agency to ensure that every Jewish individual or family fleeing Ukraine can find safety in Israel. We will also work to support initiatives that are helping those who are staying behind.

Part of our work is also to share with all of you the stories that we receive from the frontlines in Ukraine, as well as from bordering countries, including our emergency efforts to help Ukraine’s Jews.

See below for the latest information and stories: 


Updated 19.7.22

Funds raised so far. (18.8M$ from Keren Hayesod – Total need 85M$)


Olim arrived in Israel
(From Ukraine, Russia and Belarus)


Aliyah requests

Their Stories:
The Solidarity Mission is in Israel
The Solidarity Mission is in Israel

300 people came to support!

76 Happy Independence Day
Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut!

Mazal tov Israel!

The National Institutions’ Yom Hazikaron memorial ceremony
The National Institutions’ Yom Hazikaron memorial ceremony

Honoring Israel’s fallen lone soldiers

Yom Hazikaron

Shine in their devotion like the stars of the night.

Kibbutz Ein Habesor
Revitalizing Kibbutz Ein Habesor

Revitalizing Israeli Communities: Ein Habesor

save the date
KH Annual Leadership Conference

The KH Leadership Conference: Shining Examples

2024 Italy Campaign Openings
Campaign Openings

2024 Italy Campaign Openings and Buena Suerte, Friends

Rock and Roll Camp
Rocking with the Stars

– Not Just a Fantasy!

UIA Vic Gala Event
Strong Together

Keren Hayesod-UIA’s Worldwide Mission

resolution call
Resolution Call

For the release of all the hostages

Partners on the Journey, in Values, and Mission

The dedication of KCM gets an event

An uplifting 800 Guests gala eve

KH Mexico opens their 2024 campaign

משלחת מנהיגות צעירה מאוסטרליה
The Love and Duty of the Next Generation

A special delegation comes to Israel

Endowment for Israel
Choose a path to be commemorated in the Israeli history

Learn about Keren Hayesod’s legacies and endowments

Denounce the ANTI-SEMASKING!

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

To grow from our pain - Happy Tu Bishvat
Tu BiShvat

To grow from our pain

Every Second Counts

A call for the release of the abductees

Feelings at War

Youth Futures’ kids draw their feelings

Avraham Avi-hai
Avraham Asher Avi-hai z”l


November 29th
November 29th

The buds of the Jewish state

Dana Broda
Dana Broda's Story

The tragedy of Kibbutz Nir Am

Never again is now!

30 days since the horrific massacre on October 7

KH Leadership Solidarity Mission

Strengthening the south

"We woke up to HELL"

Sapir’s story

Empowering At-Risk Youngsters

Because now it’s most needed

Avi Cohen Reel
Nitsana's Mutual Guarantee

A haven for families in the line of fire!

Brother's Keeper Emergency Campaign
Israel at War

Brother’s Keeper Emergency Campaign

Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur

G’mar Chatima Tova!

Wow, what a year it’s been!

Shana Tova from Keren Hayesod!

Mechinot Ofek open doors

When the numbers also tell

Nurit from Fauda meets our young leadership

A conversation with Rona-Lee Shimon

Geneva's Women's Division
Geneva's Women's Division Creates the (Youth's) Future

United for a good cause

Lausanne’s Annual Gala Event
A Magnificent Night at the Palace

Lausanne’s Annual Gala Event

Keren Hayesod for the children of families of terror victims
Keren Hayesod for the children of families of terror victims

Learn about the summer camps of the Fund for Victims of Terror.

Netherlands and Zurich campaigns
Together Is Better!

Netherlands and Zurich campaigns provide equal opportunities to children who need them

UJA Walk with Israel
20K for Israel

Read about one of the biggest Israel advocacy demonstrations in the world

נתן ופותחים עתיד
From a Trainee to a Mentor

The story of Natan – A talent developer at Youth Futures Football Club

The Kesher Seminar 2023
The Kesher Seminar 2023

The next generation of the Zionism leadership

Our Annual World Conference has come to an end!
Our Annual World Conference has come to an end

A rollercoaster ride of events and emotions

Purim in our projects
Purim in Our Projects

Take a look on our beneficiaries’ pure joy!

Installation of a mobile bomb shelter
A generous donation of a mobile bomb shelter

For kibbutz Yad Mordechai, located near the Gaza Strip.

Mother and doughter - Aliyah
Welcome to the new 260 olim!

A plane with nearly 260 new immigrants from Ethiopia landed at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel!

Mother and doughter - Aliyah
Keren Hayesod Leadership Mission to Ethiopia and Israel 2023

Nearly 100 new olim landed in Israel, accompanied by our delegation.

Eric Samson
The second Yahrzeit of Eric Samson z"l

May the memory of Ezriel (Eric) Ben David z”l forever be a blessing.

Watch your impact on 2022!

See how you had an impact in 2022 and all of the light you spread throughout Israel

Happy Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah!

From all of us at Keren Hayesod

An interview with Sam Grundwerg - World Chairman of Keren Hayesod
Keren Hayesod salutes Israel’s lone soldiers!

An Interview with Sam Grundwerg – World Chairman of Keren Hayesod

Hachnasat Sefer Torah event in Amigour Herzliya
Repairing the fractures of the history

An exciting Hachnasat Sefer Torah event in Amigour Herzliya

Walk Israel 2022 - The finish line
Walk Israel 2022 - The finish line

All the way up from Haifa to Jerusalem for at-risk youth

Alon Futterman - Keren Hayesod's new CEO
Welcome to our new CEO!

Meet Alon Futterman – The new CEO of Keren Hayesod

Shana Tova from Keren Hayesod!
Shana Tova from Keren Hayesod!

Shana Tova from Keren Hayesod-supported projects!

picture tel aviv Breaking Dawn
Summary of Gaza Operation Breaking Dawn - Keren Hayesod Update

A ceasefire took effect last night (Sunday, August 7) at 23:30 Israel time.

The Annual Leadership Conference
The Annual Leadership Conference 2022

After months of planning and waiting for the day to arrive, our Annual Leadership Conference has come and gone! Read about all its events.

Join us to Walk Israel 2022!

Join us to walk the Israel National Trail in support of the Youth Futures program for disadvantaged children

Join us to Walk Israel 2022!
Keren Hayesod congratulates the new Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel!

Keren Hayesod congratulates the new Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel!

Welcome home!

The aliyah dream comes true for another 340 new immigrants

Delegations from Australia, Mexico and Brazil
After nearly two years of not being able to host our global campaigns in Israel, we finally had three delegations
A Joint Mission for a Shared Purpose
Keren Hayesod joined together with the Government of Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the World Zionist Organization for a two-day, high-level delegation to Poland and Ukraine
Keren Hayesod's emergency efforts
We will continue to be there for the people of Ukraine.
An Urgent Appeal from Keren Hayesod
The crisis on the ground in Ukraine continues to worsen and each day the needs increase.
Evacuation of Jews from Kyiv
The story of people evacuated from Kyiv on a Jewish Agency rescue bus funded by Keren Hayesod.
A daring Mission
140 people saved from Sumy, Ukraine
Desperate Call to the Jews of the World - Mariupol, Ukraine
Keren Hayesod stands united in support of the Jews of Ukraine.
Diana's story of strength and resilience
A Jewish refugee
The Unfathomable Reality on the Border of Ukraine
KH World Chairman, Sam Grundwerg visiting a refugee center in Poland (March 15, 2022).
Keren Hayesod helps rescue a baby girl who was via a surrogate mother in Ukraine.
Thanks to the generosity of a Keren Hayesod donor!
It is not just words, it is feelings!
140 Jewish refugees landed in Israel on a Keren Hayesod-sponsored rescue flight
It is a Matter of Life or Death
The Testimony of Dina who saved the life of 120 Jews of Ukraine
Welcoming Jewish Refugees from Ukraine
300 Ukrainian Jewish refugees arrived at Ben Gurion airport
Mission accomplished!
After four long, very long days and nights, Lauren and her two daughters are now safe in Warsaw
Saving Ukrainian Jews' lives in the Shadow of War
Your Support is Needed Urgently!

Your support is needed now in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Ukrainian Jews during this crisis. 

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