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A Kotel Bat Mitzvah for ADI Girls with Disabilities

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Milestone Marked by Special Celebrations in Jerusalem

Keren Hayesod congratulates participants of ADI on their bat mitzvahs. ADI, a Keren Hayesod-supported project, empowers and provides the highest-level rehabilitative care for Israel’s most vulnerable citizens.

Three young ADI Jerusalem residents marked their Bat Mitzvahs last week in an uplifting celebration at the Western Wall. They were accompanied by mothers, sisters, staff and volunteers.

The young ladies were the center of attention as they passed through a row of flowered arches at the entrance to the Kotel Plaza, drawing smiles and calls of congratulations from members of their entourage and random passersby.

As befitting young Bnot Mitzvah, the girls first made their way to the Wall where they were able to touch the ancient stones and place a personal note between the crevices in accordance with the well-known custom. Upon retreating from the Wall to the upper plaza, the girls stopped to insert coins into designated charity boxes, after which they were honored with a surprise visit from a representative of the office of the Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites, who presented the young ladies with special certificates to commemorate the special occasion. The celebration continued with singing and dancing, drawing further cries of “Mazal Tov!” from other Kotel visitors.

Thanks to a recent Ministry of Health directive, the girls and their chaperones were able to enjoy the beautiful day without facemasks, which are no longer mandatory while outdoors in Israel.

May we continue to celebrate happy occasions together!

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