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Holocaust Remembrance Day


Keren Hayesod has a long history of supporting Holocaust survivors. Keren Hayesod was part of wartime efforts to help Jews in Europe and assisted refugees to come to Israel. New immigrants were taken care of through Keren Hayesod supported projects. Today, that effort continues through our work with survivors in Israel. We support the Amigour project, which provides sheltered and public housing for Israel’s elderly, including Holocaust survivors. In addition to putting a roof over their heads, Amigour housing projects provide residents with a broad range of social and cultural services at its on-site facilities.

The video below tells the story of one such survivor, Siemion Rosenfeld z”l that was part of a group of heroic Jews that rose up during the Holocaust. On October 14, 1943, a group of prisoners at the Sobibór extermination camp staged an uprising. They killed SS officers and guards and burned the camp down. Very few survived that night. One of them, Siemion Rosenfeld z”l, managed to come to Israel and found housing through Amigour’s Tel Aviv project.

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