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Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Paying Tribute to Yevgenia Shneider and Amigour Residents

Today, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Keren Hayesod pays tribute to Amigour’s many residents that survived the Holocaust. Yevgenia Shneider z”l was one of them.

Yevgenia was born in Odesa, Ukraine, to a Jewish working-class family. She was the middle child of five children. She graduated from medical school at the start of World War II and joined the Russian army. While she was able to escape Nazi persecution, her family was tragically murdered along with the 6 million other Jews victims of the Holocaust.

Many doctors were also killed on the front lines of the war, and Yevgenia was quickly appointed to the rank of commander of the medical division. Yevgenia led her division to treat the critically wounded. Half of her division was killed before they were transferred to Stalingrad.

Yevgenia accompanied the Red Army as they undertook their liberation campaign against the Nazis. She eventually found herself in Berlin. Despite news of the war’s end, the fighting continued and Yevgenia continued to care for casualties.

As a veteran, Yevgenia insisted, “We must do everything possible so there won’t be any more wars anywhere.”

Yevgenia eventually moved to Israel and lived a good life at the Amigour residence in Be’er Sheva. She sadly passed away a month ago at the age of 101 years old.

Today, 179,600 Holocaust survivors live in Israel. Sadly, 900 survivors died in 2020 from COVID-19.

We will forever remember them, their suffering and their contributions to our people.

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