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Congratulations to Israel’s Newest Youth Immigrants

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Keren Hayesod Celebrates Naale Students on Their Immigration

Keren Hayesod congratulates Naale Elite Academy students on officially becoming Israeli.

The Naale Elite Academy provides the opportunity for high school students from abroad to complete their studies in Israel. The experience serves as a launch pad to aliyah and immigration to Israel. The students leave behind their families, friends and communities to pursue their Zionist dreams.

The program is hosted across several locations, including the Ramat Hadassah Youth Village, another project we support. The Naale group at Ramat Hadassah visited the Western Wall to celebrate receiving their teudat zehuts, the identity card that each Israeli gets at the age of 16 or upon aliyah. Due to the pandemic, their parents joined this special occasion by Zoom.

Many of them will go on to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces. We wish them all an easy service and much success as they establish their lives in Israel.

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