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302 New Immigrants from Ethiopia Arrived in Israel Today

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Operation Tzur Israel Continues to Reunite Families

Keren Hayesod is proud to welcome home the 302 new immigrants from Ethiopia that arrived this morning.

Their aliyah is part of Operation Tzur Israel, a special initiative bringing home 2,000 Ethiopian Jews and reuniting them with their families in Israel. The operation is particularly important as some families have been separated between the two countries for years, sometimes more than a decade.

Today’s flight was supported by the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem. Dr. Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ President, noted, “ICEJ is privileged to be part of fulfilling Biblical prophecy and we will continue to support aliyah.”

Shmulik Fried, Director of Keren Hayesod’s Friends of Israel, added, “Keren Hayesod is deeply grateful to ICEJ for their longstanding support for aliyah. We will continue Operation Tzur Israel until we bring all our brothers and sisters from Ethiopia back home.”

We thank them and our global supporters for their dedication and commitment to the people of Israel.

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