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Intergenerational Friendships Helping to Combat Loneliness

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Choosing Tomorrow Students Volunteer During Pandemic

Israeli students are helping the elderly to fight loneliness during the pandemic. Our Choosing Tomorrow project, in partnership with The Jewish Agency for Israel, encourages young adults to volunteer and make an impact in their communities. A special track for volunteering with Holocaust survivor brought together Amit, 24, and Yosef, 91. Today, they have a meaningful and special friendship thanks to the program.

Choosing Tomorrow
The program set the pair up prior to the pandemic, but the importance of their relationship has intensified over the last year. Yosef says that he immediately felt comfortable with Amit, a social work student. Conversation flowed easily between the two since their first meeting. Today, they maintain a strong friendship, enjoy deep conversations and have jokes formed from time spent together.

Life during the pandemic has increased the importance of addressing issues of isolation and loneliness. These challenges are particularly prevalent among the elderly. Our programs are working across Israel to provide support and relief. Volunteers like Amit are critical to these efforts.

The full story available in Hebrew here.

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