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Operation Tzur Israel Brings More Ethiopian Jews Home

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Keren Hayesod is Proud to Support the Aliyah of Ethiopian Jews

Welcome home to Tedplach Bito, her brother Shagau and the 162 Ethiopian Jews immigrating to Israel today!

Tedplach and Shagau are coming home as part of Operation Tzur Israel. They have been waiting in a Ghondar camp for 12 years for this day to come. It is finally here!

Operation Tzur Israel, supported by Keren Hayesod, is reuniting 2,000 Ethiopian Jews with their families already in Israel. Tedplach and Shagau will be joining their mother, who came two years ago, and two brothers and two sisters, who came here eleven years ago. Another brother will arrive with his family on next week’s flight.

Tedplach, Shagau and the other immigrants are making an incredible change in their lives. They are leaving behind the poverty and difficult conditions of Ethiopia’s waiting camps. Their immigration has brought them into a new world – a new language, a new culture and a new home. They will have to learn new social norms and new technologies used in every day modern life. Keren Hayesod-support absorption centres and programs will provide them with the assistance they need to adapt and thrive in Israel.

Keren Hayesod is proud to have supported today’s flight. We are committed to ensuring that all Jews that wish to are able to make aliyah and participate in absorption programs.

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