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Pandemic Death Tolls Continues to Rise

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Keren Hayesod mourns the passing of Amigour resident

We remember P.G., a beloved resident of Amigour in Bat Yam, who recently passed away after contracting COVID-19. Sadly, his wife also contracted with the virus. She was unable to attend the funeral and had to sit shiva by herself as she has had to self-isolate.
Her own children could not come and comfort their mother in person.

Each death in this pandemic is heartbreaking. Each loss is difficult to comprehend. In Israel alone, we recently passed 2,000 deaths in this pandemic. Our hearts are heavy with each and every person, family and friend around the world that has suffered during this period.

Amigour’s residents and staff will continue to provide P.G.’s wife with assistance. P.G. was an active member of the Amigour Bat Yam choir, and members have been calling his wife by phone to ensure that she is not alone.

Amigour Bat-Yam
Photos of the Amigour choir of which P.G. (not pictured) was an active member.

Amigour’s beneficiaries and staff have faced difficult moments during this pandemic. Yet, their drive to remain united and support one another continues to inspire us all.


May the memory of P.G. and the other victims of COVID-19 be as a blessing.

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