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The Inspiring Story of Vadim, an Immigrant Doctor

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Keren Hayesod Salutes Frontline Workers

Finally, thanks to an effective vaccine rollout, Israelis can finally enjoy the outdoors sans their masks. While we celebrate this victory, we also salute the frontline workers that have and continue to serve our country.

Vadim Dolgin, 37, is a new immigrant from Moscow and a preventive medicine doctor. Last year, when the pandemic came to Israel, Vadim was in the midst of pursuing his doctorate in genetics at Ben-Gurion University.

He recalls the experience of the last year:

In Moscow, I graduated in medicine with a specialization in epidemiology. I have experience in viral research. When the pandemic started, Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva was looking for workers and volunteers for its coronavirus laboratory. I applied and was accepted.

 The experience over the last year has been insane. Everything was new. We went through several stages with complete uncertainty. Today, we know more about the virus, how to behave, how to protect ourselves and how to prevent infection. Every day, I learn something new, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in a laboratory where more research is being done. This experience is continuing. It is a very challenging and fascinating time. “

Vadim, who immigrated from Russia, has had previous life-changing experience. Sadly, nine years ago, he was widowed by his wife and left to raise his daughter alone. At the time, his daughter was only one year and four months old.

“My wife and I shared a dream: to immigrate to Israel together. We visited Israel before and connected with the nature, sea and people. Unfortunately, I had to fulfill our dream alone.”

In December 2013, Vadim and his daughter immigrated with the help of the “First Home in the Homeland” program to Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh. Vadim and his daughter still live on the kibbutz today.

“The Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration have helped us a lot. They helped me and my daughter with kindergarten and other education matter. They also gave me assistance and supported me in finding work.

“I’m very happy living in Israel. Sometimes, it is hot here in the summer, and it is not easy for those who come from colder countries. But this is a country that offers a good life. My mother is still in Russia, and I have not seen her for over a year, but thanks to Zoom, we are in touch every day. My mother and daughter do math lessons together every day and read books in Russian. Their connection has grown immensely over Zoom – a silver lining during these hard times.”

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