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Rocket Attacks Are Directly Hitting Israeli Homes

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Keren Hayesod Supports the Fund for Victims of Terror
Millions of Israelis are living under the threat of rocket attack from Hamas in the Gaza Strip. They, their families and their homes are in danger every time a new rocket is launched.
Lucy and Nun have lived in their home in Ashdod for more than 30 years. They raised their family there and their grandchildren come weekly for Friday night dinner. Their home was a family home – and it was directly hit by a rocket. Fortunately, both Lucy and Nun are ok. Their roof and top floor were completely destroyed.

Tova and Raphael also live in Ashdod. Tova was preparing lunch moments before a missile hit her house. Upon hearing the siren, she ran to a protected space. Her husband came home shortly after the attack. When the attack was over they found their house had been destroyed.

These are two of many families who will need to rebuild their lives and homes. It won’t be an easy process. Keren Hayesod is proud to support The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Fund for the Victims of Terror. Already, we have assisted 50 families affected by the current escalation. Together, we are standing in solidarity and supporting the people of Israel.

Photo credit: The Jewish Agency for Israel
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