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Dear Friends of Keren Hayesod,

Over the past few weeks, more than 100 Israeli children living near the Gaza Strip attended a summer camp run by The Jewish Agency’s Fund for Victims of Terror, which your generous support helped make a reality.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the country has implemented restrictions that make it difficult for children to attend summer activities due to the requirement that they need to present a “green pass” indicating vaccination, which many of them don’t have due to their age.

However, Keren Hayesod has made it a priority to ensure that these children who face a complex reality, including living with post-trauma, are able to enjoy their summer vacation while also receiving critical support that provides them with the necessary coping mechanisms needed for their daily lives.

The participants of this special camp have the opportunity to travel to different parts of Israel, to take part in various activities such as enjoying the swimming pool, visiting attractions such as the safari park and Superland amusement park, all in accordance with coronavirus guidelines.

Additionally, they get to spend time doing therapeutic activities with animals at the Resilience Center in Sderot, which Keren Hayesod is proud to be a supporter of.

The camp is free of charge and the camp staff and counselors are informed on each of the children’s special cases and personal challenges, which allows them to provide individualized support based on each child’s needs.

This type of personalized care is unique to this summer camp and is not offered elsewhere, affording these children with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

For many of the children, this is an escape from the harsh realities of their daily lives and the chance to just run free and be a kid!

Thanks to all of you, these camps have been going on for several years and continue to be the highlight of many of these children’s summers. They look forward to attending camp, seeing their friends and experiencing new opportunities.

Below are several photos from the camp, including the photo of three brothers – Yitzhak, Yedidya, and Neriya Tamano (pictured below) who have attended this camp for several years and it is the highlight of their year! The Tamano brothers experienced extreme hardship and trauma when a rocket fell on their home and destroyed everything, yet these brothers showcase an incredible amount of resilience, strength and optimism!

Here’s to all of you who have supported this important initiative and continue to stand united with the children and people of Israel!

Thank you!

The people of Israel need your support!

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